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"poo poo"

Rest in Peace Rupert Downey Jr. 

i’m going to college cause it’s a death bed promise, leave me alone with that drop out of college and follow your dreams bullshit. 

my gofuckyourselfimstandinginfrontofgraffiti new york pic 

Im prayin fo’ a brick.


madlib autographed the book i was reading……..he probably thought i was reading a romance novel……..

i am sitting on the roof of my sisters rented beach house, i feel the sleepy gulf winds blow between my bare toes, and it makes me wonder if the sand will be as cool tomorrow. i wonder if i’m taking this moment of peaceful confusion for granted since i’m writing a post. but part of this reason is to doc down what i’m feeling right now. im waiting for a meteor shower to streak across the skys of galveston, speaking of which, why does galveston have a bad rep when it’s extremely peaceful at night? i guess you can say that about all beaches. (i guess you can say that about all bitches ha lame) while i write this, I look up in the sky once in a while, but i can only think about what if the spaces between the stars turn into millions of vacant brush strokes of black and splatters of white/yellow/red/blue to fill up those empty strokes. i wish you were here right next to me, to share this moment of clarity to one of my many useless confusions. i wish there was a way to get to you, but not through religion. i wish the wish i will grant, when i see shooting star, was that one of those meteors would crash right into me and the heat would melt my body into the ocean current. but i know that wish would only be a selfish and stubborn one, and it is to be right here with me. 

I told my friends to send me pictures of the local foods while they were out of state, and this is what I got…..